Forms & Surveys Module
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What can I do with Forms & Surveys Module?

We can use this module to create multiple forms to generate new leads for your pipeline, manage claims, surveys, sales prospects and many more.

What types of forms can I create, and witch forms fields can I use?

You can create how many surveys you want, using this form fields:

  • Text field

  • Multiple choice

  • GPS coordinates

  • Image upload

  • PDF file Upload (only web app)

Can I reward a user when he fills out a form?

Sure! You can reward your users in three distint moments: 1) when the contribution is inserted; 2) when the contribution is validated; 3) when the contribution match some criteria.

You can use the Badges features to do this. Check more here.

Can I integrate this forms with GFoundry Missions?


The forms created with this module can be integrated with any mission.

They can be used to collect feedback or other information from the community during an onboarding journey, a learning journey or others.

Can the forms be anonymous?

Yes. In this case you cannot know who answer what.

Main Features:

  • Anonymous surveys

  • Assessment surveys

  • Sales prospect surveys

  • Health & Wellbeing surveys

  • Organizational climate surveys

  • Recruitment referral programs (Read more here)

Stimulate participation and include this best practice in the day to day of your company!

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