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What is this page about

This page provides information about the Engagement Thermometer module's capability to create tailored Insights Surveys cycles for various purposes within the company.

Using a combination of scale questions (similar to Climate Surveys) and open-ended questions, or a mix of both, Insights Surveys can be created.

These Surveys occur at intervals determined by the company, allowing employees to participate and share their feedback anonymously if desired.

One practical application of Insights Surveys is the use of Insights Surveys for gathering feedback on new company policies. Employees can provide their perspectives on the proposed changes, allowing the company to gather a broad range of insights. This feedback can be instrumental in refining policies before their final implementation, ensuring they are well-received and effective.

On this help page you will be able to

On this help page you will be able to learn how to create new Insights Surveys as well as exporting results. We will also show you how to create new questions categories.

Creating new Insights Surveys Cycles

In the Engagement Thermometer tab click on "Insights Surveys" you will then find the option "New Insights Survey", here you will be able to set a Name, description and both start and end date for your nem assessment.


To facilitate the creation of Insight Surveys we provide templates, by pressing the "Add from Template" button you will be able to choose one or multiple templates.

The next step lets you choose the survey timeframe.

In the last step your survey is created. Here you can also chose to edit your survey or check the Assessment details.

How to creating a new Insight Survey Cycle using templates?

Exporting Results and User Status

Under "Actions" you will have the option to export both files. After selecting the one you want to download, one of the following actions will happen, either the download starts or a link will be send to your email where you can download the file.

How to add and manage Insights Surveys Questions Categories?

The Questions categories helps you manage the questions in a more organized way. You can divide the question into categories. This page lets you create and edit questions categories.

How to create new Insights Surveys Questions Categories?

In the Engagement Thermometer tab click on "Questions Categories" and you will find the option "New Question Category", here you will be able to set a Name for it. You can then create new questions inside this category.

How to create new Insights Surveys Questions

Inside the Question Category tab you can then select a category to add new questions.

This will let you write a new question for that category.

Another way to add new questions is by opening the "Edit Insights Survey" unter the Actions menu from the survey that you want to add the question to. In here you can then select the "Questions" tab.

This way you can then add your personalised questions or chose from the catalogue.

What about the frontend? What will my users see?

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