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OKRs - Module Overview (Objectives, Key Results & Initiatives)
OKRs - Module Overview (Objectives, Key Results & Initiatives)

Your Objectives Overview Page

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What is this page about?

This page introduces our OKR module, designed to help both teams and individuals set, monitor, and achieve their objectives and key results.

The module provides a clear picture of how each member's tasks align with the organization's broader goals, emphasizing the impact of individual contributions.

Additionally, our progress reviews feature allows for regular check-ins, helping teams stay focused and make timely adjustments to meet their objectives.

On this help page you will be able to:

On this help page, you'll find three main sections:

  1. Introduction to OKRs: Learn the basics of creating, editing, and deleting objectives to manage them effectively.

  2. Key Results and Initiatives: Get step-by-step guidance on creating and linking Key Results and Initiatives to your objectives. These elements are crucial for specifying the outcomes and actions needed to meet your goals.

  3. Contributors in OKRs: Discover how to assign team members or stakeholders as contributors to your objectives. This fosters collaboration and ensures everyone is aligned and engaged in achieving the OKRs.

Each section provides detailed instructions, making it easier for you to navigate the OKR process.

Main Features of the OKRs module:

  • OKRs and Initiatives

  • Roadmap visualization

  • Due dates

  • Rewarding badges

  • Check-ins Reminders

  • Statistics with filters

  • Key Results’s progress Dashboards

  • Key Results’s Activity Stream

  • Settling objectives and personal challenges;

  • Settling objectives and professional challenges (smart goals);

  • Objectives mass creation and management system;

  • Objectives status follow up on a simple and efficient way (start>progress>results);

  • Full integration with other modules for different purposes (Eg: Recognition, Feedback, Reward Market, Innovation, Performance Appraisal)

  • Rewarding Badges and Rankings (gamification engine)

Long-Term Strategy Overview

The Long-Term Strategy page is your one-stop hub for understanding your organization's key goals. Here, you can explore both broad aspirations and specific objectives that drive the company's future.

Define a Mission, Vision, and Strategy for your company

At the top of the page, you'll find a dedicated area for your company's Mission, Vision, and Strategy.

Edit these by clicking the "Edit" button, allowing you to clearly define each element:

How to create a new Organizational Objective?

By pressing the "Add Organizational Objective". You then have to add a Leader, Title, context and define a Timeframe for the objective.


An Objective is a description of something that you'd like to achieve in the future. An Objective sets the direction - like a destination on a map.

Objectives shouldn't be technical and shouldn't contain a metric, so that everyone understands where to go.

How to create a new Objective?

To begin creating an objective, you'll need to access the Objectives page within the OKRs section of your sidebar. Locate and click on the "Objectives" option to proceed.

Once you're on the Objectives page, look for the "Add Objective" button and select it. This will initiate the process of creating a new objective.

In the objective creation form or dialogue box, you'll be prompted to provide several key details: Leader, Title, Context and Timeframe. You also have the option to chose a Parent Objective.

Once you've filled in these details, proceed to save or confirm the objective. The system will then create the objective and add it to your OKR management system.

How to View closed Objectives?

On the right side, above the list of objectives you will find the option to filter by (Open, Closed, All).

Key Results & Initiatives

Whats the diference between a Key Result and a Initiative?

A Key Result is a measurable outcome required to achieve the Objective. It contains a metric with a start and target value. Key Results measure progress towards the Objective — like a signpost that shows how close you are to your Objective.

Initiatives are tasks associated with a goal that do not impact its progress.

Initiatives are all the projects and tasks that will help you achieve a Key Result. Imagine your organization is a car.

The Objective is your destination, the Key Results show if you're heading in the right direction, and the Initiatives are what you'll do to get your car moving.

How to create a new a Initiative?

On the of the page by default you will have the option "Key Result", you just need to change to "Initiative". It's important to know that for a Initiative to be created is necessary a Key Result to be set as "Parent".

How to update the values in Key Results and Initiatives?

Select the Key Result or Initiative in the Objective you want to update and press the "Update Result", there you will be able to update the value, add a new status and a note if you please.

What about the frontend? What will my users see?

By selecting the "My OKRs" option in the side bar, users will be presented with a list of their assigned objectives. This list allows for a quick scan of the objectives, providing an at-a-glance view of the goals they are accountable for.

To explore a specific objective in more detail, users can simply click on it. Clicking on an objective will take them to a more comprehensive and detailed view of that particular objective.

The user can then Add new Key Results or Initiatives expanding the Parent Goal.

When a user selects a Key Result or Initiative that they wish to update, they will be redirected to a dedicated page designed specifically for making these updates.

On this page, they will have several options to modify and provide relevant information such as: set a new progress value, set a label regarding the current status (Off Track, Needs Attention or Off Track) and/or write a small note regarding the change made.

In this case, when an update is made to a Key Result, it will have an impact on the overall progression of the Parent Objective:

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