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What is this page about

This page provides information about the Market Module, a virtual store where employees can redeem their earned virtual coins for various benefits.

Main Features:

  1. Marketplace for Coin Exchange: Categorized listings of rewards including vouchers, extra vacation days, and social cause contributions.

  2. Reward Showcasing: Highlight prizes, raise social awareness, and feature partner promotions.

  3. Order Management: Tools for efficiently processing, receiving, and delivering reward requests.

On this help page you will be able to

On this help page, we aim to guide you through the essential setup steps for integrating our tool into your company's environment.

Here, you'll learn how market transactions function, what items and categories are, and how to create them.

Transactions Lists

By navigating to the Marketplace tab in the side menu and then selecting the Marketplace Transactions page you will have a overview of all the transactions in the marketplace as well as their current status.

You can also filter and export the results in (.xls) format.

By pressing the button "Export Report" you will start downloading the (.xls) file with all the data.

Virtual coins

Virtual Coins represent the virtual currency that each employee has on the platform, which can be used in the Market Module. Virtual coins can also be used to access content and to buy quizzes helps.

How can users earn virtual coins?

Users can earn virtual coins through a variety of methods that are tailored to a company's specific needs and goals.

These methods commonly include:

  1. Achieving performance milestones: Reaching specific objectives or targets.

  2. Participating in company initiatives: Getting involved in special projects or tasks.

  3. Peer recognition: Being acknowledged by colleagues for exceptional work.

Badges play a central role in our gamification engine, serving as a way to award users with two key rewards: points and virtual coins.

Can users earn virtual coins using Digital Vouchers?

Yes! It is also possible to integrate the virtual world with the organisation’s physical environment.

Through Digital Vouchers, the company can distribute codes generated by the platform to various physical spaces, so that employees can exchange them for Virtual Coins.

What are items?

Items are anything you want to offer your employees as a reward for reaching a milestone. They can be physical items, virtual items, experiences or benefits of any kind.

Navigate to the Marketplace tab and then select Marketplace Items.

This page lets you have a overview of all the items in the marketplace as well as their stock, price, category and if it's shippable or not.

You can also filter and export the results in (.xls) format.

What kinds of items can I have in my marketplace?

In terms of items that can be exchanged for virtual currencies, the most usual types are:

1) Benefits and Perks

These could encompass a wide range of items that employees could "purchase" with their virtual coins. These could include things like vouchers (which could be for external services or products), additional holiday days, or contributions to social causes.

The choice of benefits would probably be customizable to reflect the company's culture and employees' preferences.

2) Contributions to Social Causes

This is a unique aspect. It allows employees to use their virtual coins to contribute to charitable causes, which can foster a sense of social responsibility and community within the company.

How to create a new item on the Market Place Module?

After clicking in "New Item" you will see the option to Name, add a description and a image to the item.

You will also have different options regarding the stock of the item and the price. At the bottom you'll have the option to add the item to a category.

Exporting the list of items

On the top left side of the Marketplace Item page you will find the option to export the report with all the item available.


By navigating to the Marketplace tab and selecting the Marketplace Categories page you will have a overview of all the Categories in the Marketplace. You can also create, edit and delete categories.

How to create a new Category on the Market Place Module?

By clicking the button "New Category" you will have the option to define a title then by just pressing "Submit" your category will be created

Category actions button

Under actions you will have the option to edit and delete the category. You will also have the option the view all the items related to the category.

What about the frontend? What will my users see?

After the user navigates to the Marketplace page it will be presented with the different categories and the amount of coins available:

After selecting the category the user can the proceed to choose the item and complete the exchange.

The user can also review his transactions by selecting the "Transactions" tab in the left side.

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