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Gamification Engine - Virtual Coins & Vouchers

Your Coins and Vouchers Management Page

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What is this page about?

With the Gamification Engine you can reward your community by setting milestones, setup badges, build a virtual coins ecosystem, organize users according to their performance using leaderboards and other tools to design a true gamified impactful project.


You can reward your users by associating a badge with a specific action or goal achievement. Badges can be triggered by external events, such as rewarding a user for visiting your company’s website.

Virtual Coins

Virtual coins can be used to exchange for items in the marketplace module or even to contribute to social causes.

In addition, they can also unlock access to paid content and buy quiz helps.

Users can earn coins by earning badges or through digital vouchers.


With GFoundry vouchers you can create rewarding dynamics with a connection to the real world.

You can provide vouchers codes in events, meetings, paper chase type games, and many others!

On this help page you will be able to:

In this page we provide you with an introduction to managing coins and vouchers within the platform. This guide will help you understand how to add or remove coins from users, analyze transaction history, and create/manage vouchers.

You will become proficient in managing coins and vouchers within the platform. This knowledge will empower you to effectively reward users, track coin transactions, and create voucher to enhance user experiences and incentivize desired behaviors.

What are virtual coins?

Virtual coins within the platform serve multiple purposes and offer various benefits to users.

Users can utilize their virtual coins to purchase items available in the marketplace module. These items may include virtual goods, rewards, or exclusive features that enhance the user experience within the platform

Users also have the option to use their virtual coins to contribute to social causes or charitable initiatives. This feature allows users to make a positive impact by supporting relevant causes and making a difference through their virtual coin balance.

In some cases, premium or exclusive content within the platform may be available for users to unlock using their virtual coins. This provides an incentive for users to accumulate coins and gain access to valuable resources, educational materials, or advanced features.

Virtual coins can be used to acquire quiz helps or hints within the platform. These helps assist users in answering quiz questions or overcoming challenges, enhancing their learning or gaming experience.

Users can accumulate coins by earning badges within the platform or through digital vouchers.

How to add and remove coins?

To manually give or remove coins from a user, you can utilize the Gamification Engine tab and access the Coins Management feature.

Navigate to the "Gamification Engine" tab, choose "Coins Management", you'll find a search functionality to locate the desired user. Enter the user's information or use available filters to find the specific user account you wish to manage then press the "Select" button associated with their account.

After selecting the user, you'll notice the appearance of the "Add Transaction" button on the top left side of the interface. Click on this button to initiate the process of giving or removing coins from the user's account.

You will then have the option add or remove coins from the user. (To remove, just use the negative symbol Ex: -100).

Coin Management Dashboard

In the coin management tab we will provide you with a Dashboard containing information regarding the users trasactions and corrent status in relation to the virtual coins.

In the Coins Management page, you not only have the ability to manually adjust the coin balance for users but also access valuable information about how users earn and spend their coins. This data visualization is crucial to ensure accurate and transparent coin transactions.

Within the Coins Management page, you'll find a visual representation of coin transactions for each user. This display allows you to see the timeline of when users received coins, the specific amount earned, and the badge associated with the reward.

By utilizing this visualization feature, you can track and analyze the earning and spending patterns of users' coins. This provides you with valuable insights into user engagement, the effectiveness of reward systems.

What are virtual the Vouchers?

Vouchers offer an exciting way to create rewarding dynamics that connect the virtual world of the platform with real-world experiences.

These vouchers allow you to provide unique codes that can be used in various scenarios, such as events, meetings, paper chase games, and more.

You can create rewarding dynamics that bridge the virtual and real worlds, adding an element of surprise, motivation, and engagement for your users.

How to create a new Voucher?

By clicking in the "New Voucher" button you will be able to configure a new Voucher.

Here you can select the amount of coins a user gets and how many codes will be generated.

Voucher Details and generated "Codes"

By clicking in the "Edit" button under Actions you will be able to edit your Voucher.

Here you can check all the vouchers "codes", and how many voucher were redeemed and how many are available.

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