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Gamification Engine - General Overview
Gamification Engine - General Overview
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With GFoundry Gamification Engine you can reward your community by setting milestones, setup badges, build a virtual coins ecosystem, organize users according to their performance using leaderboards and other tools to design a true gamified impactful project.

The Player Journey Maps

With GFoundry you can create missions by adding a Journeys Maps. Use your own characters that illustrate the steps, needs, goals, thoughts, feelings, opinions and expectations of your players!


You can reward your users by associating a badge with a specific action or goal achievement. Badges can be triggered by external events, such as rewarding a user for visiting your company’s website.

Each badge can be associated with points and virtual currencies.

You can also create silent badges, which can assign rewards without the need to be associated with any physical image.

Virtual Coins

Virtual coins can be used to exchange for items in the marketplace module or even to contribute to social causes.

In addition, they can also unlock access to paid content and buy quiz helps.

Users can earn coins by earning badges or through digital vouchers.

Tribes & Teams

You can compete and achieve your goals alone but also with your Tribe or Team!

Collective achievements reinforce collective identity, inter-help but also promote pear pressure, essential as an incentive to achieve ambitious results!

Digital Vouchers

With GFoundry vouchers you can create rewarding dynamics with a connection to the real world.

You can provide vouchers codes in events, meetings, paper chase type games, and many others!

QR Code → Content

With GFoundry QR Code reader, you can open any Learn module content by simply pointing the camera of your smartphone at a QR Code.

QR Codes can be positioned in strategic places, such as equipment, rooms, paper manuals, presentations and conferences, among many other places!

You can also create game dynamics with hidden content, only accessible with a QR code.

Gamification API

With GFoundry Gamification Engine API you can import your own data and gamify it.

You can also import your data using XLS files.

You can integrate almost everything with your existing software.

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