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Why GFoundry?
General Features of GFoundry Talent Management Platform
General Features of GFoundry Talent Management Platform
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The GFoundry platform is a versatile and powerful tool powered by a gamification engine. Its goal is to solve various business challenges by engaging employees, partners, and customers.

Key features of the GFoundry platform:

  1. Multi-Company: The platform allows multiple companies in a corporate group to have a single entry point.

  2. Customizable: You can adapt the platform to your brand and image.

  3. Productivity: The platform enhances efficiency and productivity through intuitive back office dynamics.

  4. Multi-Module: Different modules help to solve different challenges in your organization.

  5. Multi-Platform: The platform is available on all platforms: Web, iOS, and Android.

  6. SaaS: Optimized cost of ownership with full integration and continuous maintenance and support.

  7. Multi-Lingual: The platform is available in seven languages.

  8. Integrations: The platform integrates with your existing platforms using APIs and utilizes the Gamification Engine.

  9. Module Approach: Each module in the platform serves a specific purpose and can be turned on or off as needed.

GFoundry's range of modules

GFoundry is a complete Talent Management Platform That Empowers Employees to Succeed. GFoundry uses gamification, AI, and social features to boost employee engagement and improve performance.

The platform includes a range of modules for learning, recognition, goals setting, comparisons, competitions, surveys, marketplaces, innovation, evaluation & career management, task management, feedback, and organizational climate monitoring.

Moreover, the platform includes an Engagement Thermometer that measures happiness and well-being in your organization. You can track key trends and patterns across your company through continuous employee feedback.

GFoundry's platform also allows for the creation of structured paths to guide employees, with the option to set up missions and create a player journey.

GFoundry's Gamification Engine

The platform's Gamification Engine rewards your community by setting milestones, and setting up badges for your project. Users can win different types of prizes, badges, leaderboards, and virtual coins for their achievements.

With a focus on internal communication, GFoundry promotes community aggregation by interest groups and agile communication mechanisms. The platform also acts as an alternative to traditional "intranets", serving as a repository for various types of content and a space for communication and corporate messaging.

GFoundry's product extensions and integrations

Finally, GFoundry provides product extensions and integrations with your existing platforms such as ERP, business intelligence platforms, communication and chat apps, and more to import or export relevant data.

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