Recognition - Module Overview

Employee recognition and feedback isn’t just a nice-to-have. It also supports your organization’s bottom line.

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What is this page about?

This page gives you an overview of the recognition module.

The objective of the recognition module is to foster the public recognition, identify characteristics and skills (and skills gaps).

With this module you can endorse someone in your company in three possible ways:

  1. Star Badges (Public acknowledgment & Feedback) – give a public recognition to a colleague associating a star badge with a review;

  2. Soft Skills Recognition – endorse my colleagues soft & emotional skills (these skill are made available according to clients needs through the backend);

  3. Hard Skills Recognition – endorse my colleagues hard skills (each user will create their own hard skills).

Can i integrate the recognition module with Missions?

Yes! All the recognition processes that this module provide can be integrated with any mission. They can be used to collect feedback or other information from the community during an onboarding journey, a learning journey or others.

How can i manage Hard Skills?

Hard skills are the technically skills of each employee/user.

Each hard skill is introduced by the user and can be endorsed by peers & managers using a simple button, as seen in the image.

Backoffice admins can’t manually add hardskills to a user.

Can I use the Marketplace with the Recognition Module?

Yes! Associating the Market Module with a recognition programme can reinforce the effectiveness of actions through the provision of benefits and some privileges.

Employees can earn virtual coins by completing specific actions or achieving set goals.

These coins can then be exchanged for rewards in the Marketplace module.

The rewards include vouchers, extra vacation days, leisure experiences, and opportunities for charitable contributions, among other options already offered by your organization.

Please don’t forget: companies that invest intelligently in recognition programs have 5 times more ROI per employee

The Importance of recognition:

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