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Recognition - Soft Skills & Hard Skills
Recognition - Soft Skills & Hard Skills

Endorse colleagues soft & emotional skills

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What is this page about?

Soft Skills and Hard Skills, are part of a recognition dynamic where peers choose someone in their organization to assign a feedback.

Users can endorse a peer on one ore more Soft Skills and Hard Skills.

Soft Skills are created by the Admin in BackOffice, while the Hard Skills are created by the user himself. Your peers can then recognise you by using the Hard Skills that you create for yourself.

What can I do in the Soft Skills section?

On this page you can create, delete and edit "Soft Skills". You can create an unlimited number of skills.

For each skill you must create a name and associate an image. The images associated to the skill can have a size of 250x250px (this size is not rigid) and will look better with a transparent background.

Recognition Settings Overview

The maximum number of Soft Skills Endorsements each user can make can be set in the settings menu.

In addition, it can also be set that only managers can do these endorsements.

Furthermore, you can set the options to allow private reviews. This type of review will only be visible to the user and the manager.

Remember that collecting data from community interactions about Soft Skills endorsements allows us to build a comprehensive map of both formal and informal skills across the organization. This also helps us discover hidden talents.

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