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Giving a public recognition to a colleague associating a star badge with a review;

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What is this page about?

This page provides an overview of the "Start Badges Recognition" feature.

This feature allows team members within an organization to give each other special "Recognition Stars Badges."

These badges serve as a way to offer feedback or a review.

Users can award a star badge to a peer along with a written message, which can be a thank-you note, a review, or even a simple greeting.

What can I do in the Star Badges section?

You can manage 'Star Badges' by creating, editing, or deleting them.

There's no limit to the number of stars you can create.

Each star requires a name and an associated image. For optimal appearance, use images that are at least 250x250 pixels and have a transparent background.

Stars and reviews given to each user will be publicly visible to the entire community.

You can limit the number of stars and reviews each user can receive through the settings menu.

Additionally, you can configure the settings to allow only managers to give reviews:

Furthermore, you can set the options to allow private reviews. This type of review will only be visible to the user and the manager.

Remember, the "star" ratings gathered from community interactions provide valuable insights.

They help create a map of both formal and informal skills across the organization and identify hidden talents.

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