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What is this page about?

Simplify Task Management Through Gamification! This module streamlines your workflow by automating routine tasks, allowing you to concentrate on what's truly important.

Key Features:

  1. Task Planning and Progress Tracking: Easily plan and monitor the status of tasks.

  2. Automated Team Assignment: Assign tasks to groups and teams automatically.

  3. Digital Journeys for Real-World Solutions: Address real-world problems through digital action plans.

  4. Employee Rewards: Reward your staff for completing tasks and excellent performance.

  5. Seamless Integration: Incorporate task management into onboarding, learning programs, innovation initiatives, and more.

On this help page you will be able to:

On this help page you will be able to learn how to create tasks, how to connect task with rewards, how to add tasks to missions and much more.

What are tasks for?

Tasks can be used by users to guarantee they complete some goals in a self-declarative way.

Only backoffice managers can create Tasks.

How do I start?

The first think we need to do is to create a Tasks List. A task list can have one or more tasks inside.

We can reward users when they complete a unique task or when they complete task list.

To complete a task list, users need to complete all tasks inside that tasks list.

How to create a Task List?

By pressing the "Add Task List" button you will be able to create a new one. You have to set a title and can add a description if needed. You also have the option to add the task list to a team or group.

How to create a new Task?

To create a new task you need to enter in a task list. Then, click on the button "New Task +".

Remember that you can add some HTML in the description field, like a link.

How can I create a reward regarding tasks?

It’s very simple, you just need to create a new badge and then choose “Tasks” from the "Module" dropdown menu. Check this link and learn how to create a badge.

Triggers that can be used with tasks Badges:

  • Finish a specific Task

  • Finish a specific Task List

  • Finish any Task

  • Finish any Task List

Can I segment tasks to a certain group of users?

Of course you can! To do that you just need to associate a group ou a Team to a Task List or to each tasks.

Can I use tasks in a mission?

Yes! Is one of the most interesting features: you can complement your journey with one or more tasks, and make people achieve things even in real world, like visit their new office, go get their new car, just to give some examples.

Can I use Tasks Module to let users do same things outside GFoundry, like visit other website or a specific software tool?

Yes, sure. Some clients use GFoundry Tasks to guide users to some operational tasks like schedule their vacations or book their hotels or flight.

What about the frontend? What will my users see?

When the users navigates to the Task page he will be able to view the current open task as well as the closed ones:

When opening a task in progress the user will be able to see the steps in the task as well as mark them as done:

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