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Comparisons Module - Collective Insight Comparator
Comparisons Module - Collective Insight Comparator

Your Comparisons Overview Page

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What is this page about

This page serves as a guide for the Comparisons Module, designed to harness collective input from employees, suppliers, clients, and consumers. The goal is to better understand the needs that should be addressed in the development of new products and services.

With the Comparisons Module, you can:

  1. Make Informed Decisions: Compare various items based on collective preferences to guide your decision-making.

  2. Conduct Market Research: Create market studies to understand and capitalize on popular choices.

Key Features and Functions of the Comparisons Module:

  1. Item Creation: To set up a comparison, go to the "Comparisons" tab and select the "Comparisons Items" tab. Here, you can add titles, descriptions, and images for each item to be compared.

  2. Cycle Setup: Use the "Comparisons Cycle" tab to establish a new voting cycle, including its duration.

  3. Cycle Management: After setting up a cycle, you have the option to edit its parameters and select the specific items for comparison.

  4. Results Analysis: Access detailed voting results to see which items are favored by the participants.

  5. User Interface: Users can easily participate in ongoing comparison cycles, choose among items, and view rankings based on votes, all from the comparisons page.

By using this module, you're engaging multiple stakeholders in the decision-making process, thereby ensuring more well-rounded and informed choices.

On this help page you will be able to:

On this page you will be able to learn how to create new comparisons cycles and items.

Following the provided instructions will enable you to effectively use these features.

Creating a new item:

To start a new comparison cycle you need items to compare.

To create a new item start by navigating to the "Comparisons" tab in the side menu and chose the "Comparisons Items" tab. By clicking in the "New Comparison Item" button you will have the option to write a Title, a description and adding an image to your new item.

Creating a new Comparison Cycle:

To start a new comparison cycle you will need to define the time period were the users will be able to vote.

To start navigate to the "Comparisons" tab in the side menu followed by clicking in the "Comparisons Cycle" tab.

By clicking in "New Comparison Cycle" you will be redirected to the page were you can give a name, a description, and both the start and finish date/hour of your new cycle.

Editing a Cycle and selecting Items:

After submitting your new Cycle you can click on "Edit" under Actions.

Here you can change the setting in the cycle and by clicking on "Add Item to Comparison Cycle" you can select the items you want to compare.

The Results:

Under Actions you can click in "Results" and see what item each user chose. For more detailed view you can then select "Results" under Actions.

What about the frontend? What will my users see?

When a user navigates to the comparisons page he will be able to the the current comparisons cycles available:

After choosing the cycle he wants to participate he will be able to see when the cycle will end:

After the start the user will be able to choose between the items available:

After completing the comparisons the user will be able to see the ranking of items in relation to his vote.

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