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How to create a new Content Item?
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How to create a New Content item?

To create a new piece of content, all you have to do is fill in a simple form with a title and description and choose the category in which you want to place it.

Additionally, you can also choose an icon for your new content, as well as an image for the background.

Use the "Long Description" field to insert any type of additional content in the form of text, images, HTML code and more.

Once you've laid the foundations for your new content, you can add various types of learning content:

  • Quizzes

  • Videos

  • PDFS

  • External content

  • Other

We provide the option to create Learning paths, this way you can connect different learn contents in a way were the user can follow a logical sequence through related contents.

Users can then press the "Next" button and be redirected to the next content.

After the creation of a new learn content you may want to "unlist" said content. This will make the content unable to be found via the search function. Only the users with the direct link to the content will be able to access it.

How to create Quiz?

To create a quiz you first new to navigate to the "Learn Content" page and then press the "Add content" button. You have to write a title and a description.

You will also have to choose the option "Content Source" as internal and then we recommend setting images for the following fields:

You will also have to select the "Category".

You have the option to set a Producer and Revisor for the content.

The establishment of a producer and a Revisor is optional. However, the flow and process of content production can be more controlled with these two figures. Once the producer has fed their content into the system, the publication of the content can be conditioned by the reviewer's feedback.

Duration: The duration is the estimated time it will take a user to absorb the content, in minutes. Note that this duration will not impact the time a user has to finish the quiz, it is only an administrative variable.

This last options are related to quiz-type content.

By default, the genius and ladder game modes are only available after the user has successfully completed the classic mode.

If you want these game modes to always be available, you'll need to select the option "Make Genius and Ladder game modes always available?"

After completing the previous steps and pressing the "Submit" button you will need to create or submit your quiz.

First, you need to select the "Quiz content" tab.

Then you have 2 options:

1) Import your quiz using our template (you can download the XLS template using this link):

2) Create your quiz using the backoffice tool:

Add all your questions:

After writing all your questions and answers you can publish your Quiz on the "Content Overview" page.

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