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With this page you can

This page will help you to know how to create and manage learn content.

Why use this module?

The Learn & Development module on GFoundry transforms otherwise dull training materials into engaging experiences.

It helps you to motivate employees to actively engage in essential yet typically uninspiring courses like safety, quality certifications, and compliance.

By using GFoundry's gamification tools, you can create captivating narratives and rewarding experiences, making learning not just mandatory but also enjoyable.

What makes this module different?

With GFoundry's specialized features, you can build effective Learning Journeys for your team.

In today's workplace, the key is not just having a comprehensive training plan, but making it engaging for your employees.

The way content is organized and communicated plays a crucial role in capturing employee interest, which is essential for better knowledge retention.

How can I organize my content in Learn Module?

You can organize your content using categories and sub-categories:

Also, you can create how many learning journeys you need to organize different milestones, and more than that, to mix up and use different GFoundry Modules.

Example of a learning Journey:

What types of content does GFoundry support?

The GFoundry platform allows the insertion multiple types of content:

1. Quizzes

The GFoundry Quizz Engine has 4 different game modes – including the battle mode, in which the users play against each other.

2. Videos

You can add your own videos or videos from multiples sources an types. Standalone and Embedded training videos, Webinar or live training videos and more.

3. Podcasts

Podcasts are great for non-assessable training, particularly skills that revolve around mindset, motivation, and other ‘soft skills.

4. E-books & PDFs

This type of eLearning content it’s a very quick and easy way to share things like standard operating procedures, step-by-step processes, and other manuals with your employees, and provide a good reading experience.

5. VR and AR sims

Virtual reality and augmented reality are new and effective ways to offer learners real-life experience. VR is great for training both human interactions and practical training in real-world physical scenarios.

6. Content from other sources

The GFoundry platform also allows the integration and incorporation of content from other platforms or even a more integrated management of actions from other LMS, using our APIs.

What about gamification? Can I gamify all my learning strategy?

With the GFoundry Gamification Engine, you can enhance your company's learning experiences by adding game-like elements and rewards.

This makes training more engaging for employees, positively affecting both their performance and the overall success of your organization.

Can I map my entire organization in terms of competencies and skills?

You should!

This process, when applied at the organisational level, allows for a comprehensive perspective on the skills that the organisation already has, but also allows for the identification of gaps in key competences that may condition the smooth running of the business.

We can help you understand each employee’s suitability for their current role, create adaptive learning paths for each employee, and create Personal Development Plans tailored to each employee’s actual needs.

Do you have curated content? What is that and how can I use it in my Company?

The answer is yes!

Our platform provides you with curated content from top experts in various fields.

This feature complements your existing training materials, whether they are internal or external.

The content is regularly updated, and you have the flexibility to enable or disable access at your convenience. In today's information-saturated world, our curated content ensures that your team gets the best information for their development.

Plus, our platform allows you to gamify the training process, making employee engagement more dynamic and effective.

Watch the video:

How can create new content on GFoundry Learn Module?

You can start creating new content by pressing the "Add Content" button in the Learn Content page (BackOffice). Here there are three mandatory fields (Title, Description, Category).

After choosing a Title and a description you will have the following options:

For this exemple we will be using Internal content. At this point you should already know what kind of content you want to create. If the content in question is a Quiz then you should add images in the fields regarding quizzes. If the content you want to create is a video or a pdf you won't need to fill this fields. Whoever don't forget to select a "Category".

Below you can then chose to name a Producer and revisor for the content as well as the option to set a duration (Amount of time allocated for a user to complete the content).

At the end of the configuration you will also have the following options and again you can ignore them if your content isn't a quiz.

After pressing the "submit" button you will be redirected to the following page:

At this point depending on with content you want to create, you will have to select the "PDF Content" or "Video content" on the top. Under the tab "PDF Content" you will simply need to upload the PDF file you want. If the content you want to create is for exemple a Youtube video, under the tab "Video content" you will have the option to add the link:

It's also important to understand the "Content Audience" tab. There you will have the option to limit the access to the content by team and/or groups.

How to incorporate external content?

To create a new external content you will have to change the option "Content Source" from Internal to external, this will make the "External URL" field available to you. Don't forget that the option "Category" will be the directory were your new content will be "stored" for users to find.

After choosing all the options you will be redirected to the following page:

In here you will have a variety of option regarding your new content. However, keep I mind that you content is not yet available to your users.

For that you simply need to press the "Publish" button on the left.

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