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Competency & Skills Mapping
Competency Mapping - general overview
Competency Mapping - general overview

The ability to map the whole organisation from a competency point of view

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Whats this page about?

The GFoundry Competency Mapping Engine serves to automatically link competencies and skills to employees, drawing from various sources:

  1. Learn Module Interaction: This includes courses completed, videos watched, quizzes taken, and documents consulted.

  2. Peer Feedback from Recognition Module: Insights from colleagues play a role in assessing competencies.

  3. Competence Assessments in Evaluation & Careers Module: Formal competence assessments contribute to the mapping.

This system allows for real-time identification of competency gaps through dynamically updated dashboards.

Key Features of Competency Mapping:

  • Skill Gap Identification

  • Tag-Based Training Content Filters

  • Evaluation of Suitability for Current Role

  • Automatic Quiz Generation based on specific skills and topics

  • Talent Identification via filters for current and future project requirements

  • Integration with the Evaluation module's Individual Development Plans (IDPs), automating content alignment with individual improvement and development needs.

On this page you can:

On the Dashboard page you can see the users competencies/skills matrix once they start interacting with Learn Contents that have been tagged.

You can use the filter to select specific Learn Content, Team and even timeframe so that you can assess users competencies/skills progression.

Video: How to use the Competency Mapping Dashboard using the filters:

You can delete, edit and create new competencies and Skill tags on the "competencies" page:

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How can I associate content to Skill Tags?

On each type of content, like PDF's, Quiz questions and Videos, you can associate one or more skills tags:

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