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Learn - Categories
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With this page you can

This page will help you know how to create, edit and delete content categories.

What are content categories and what are they for?

Content categories allows you to organize all your content in a structured way.

You can add infinite sub-categories inside a category.

All content need to be inside a category or sub-categories.

Each category can have color, an icon, a background and a description.

How to create a new content category:

You can create a new category by pressing the button "Add new Category".

Inside a category, you can create new sub-categories or a new content.

After a content is created inside a category, no more sub-categories can be created inside that category.

Can I customize each category and sub-categories?

Sure! Each category can have a different colors, icons and image backgrounds, to differentiate it from the others.

You can also translate your category to other languages using the languages tab on top right on the screen.

Editing a Category and Sub-Categories:

By pressing the three dots under Actions in the respective category you want to edit you will have the option to delete it or edit.

By choosing to edit the category you will be faced with the menu below.

Here you can not only edit the current category but also create sub categories, this is useful if you want to divide and organize your content event further (You can also have sub-categories inside sub-categories).

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