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Community Management -Company Codes, General Whitelist & Comments Moderation
Community Management -Company Codes, General Whitelist & Comments Moderation

Your Company Codes Overview Page

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What are this pages about?

Company Codes Page allows you to manage and create codes that serve as identifiers for different groups or teams within your organization. You can view the existing codes, create new ones, and delete codes as needed. Company codes help in organizing and categorizing users based on their affiliations or roles.

General Whitelist Page adds an extra layer of protection to your platform by allowing only individuals with specified email addresses to access it. On this page, you can add individual email addresses or upload a list of emails using the "Upload whitelist file" option. When creating a new user, their email address is automatically added to the whitelist. You can also remove email addresses from the whitelist when necessary.

Comments Moderation Page provides a centralized view of all reported comments within the platform. It allows you to review and manage reported comments efficiently. You have the option to delete comments that violate platform guidelines or delete the report itself if it was made in error. This feature ensures that user comments are monitored and inappropriate content is effectively managed.

These features help customize the platform, enhance security, and ensure a positive user experience.

On this help page you will be able to:

You will be able to learn how to create Company Codes, how to add and remove emails from the whitelist and how to moderate comments in the platform. Following the provided instructions will enable you to effectively utilize these features and enhance your internal communication efforts.

Creating a new Company code:

Just press the "Add Company Code", set a Number(identifier) and the respective Team or Group you want to be associated with the code.

Whitelist Management

To add new rules to the whitelist navigate to the Community Management and then select the General Whitelist tab. Here you will be able to see the current rules and create new ones.

Using the "*" symbol you will be able to create a rule regarding an entire domain. For exemplo if you create a rule like (* all the email containing the domain (gf123) will be accepted.

It is important to remember that when a user is created on the platform, the email used will be automatically added to the whitelist.

You can also remove emails from the whitelist by simply clicking on "remove" under actions.

To facilitate the process, we have introduced an option to import and export whitelists. This option supports files in the (.xls) format.

Comments Moderation

Under the Community Management you will find the the page "Comments Moderation", here you will see all the comments throw out the platform that have been reported as well as the date and Author.

You will have the option to delete the report if the comment is within the norms, or delete the actual comment if it goes against the norms.

What about the frontend? What will my users see?

Regarding what the normal users will see all the previous option mentioned are strictly for admin, however the normal user will have the option to report comments as show below:

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