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Competitions - Module Overview

Where engagement meets excitement and knowledge becomes a game!

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What is the GFoundry Competitions Module?

The Competitions Module is designed to gamify your data and rank individuals or teams based on various metrics, such as sales revenue or the number of closed contracts.

It easily integrates with existing platforms like HR management, Sales automation, and Marketing automation, allowing for seamless data import and export.

The module helps boost team alignment, motivation, and resilience by allowing you to create customized competitions.

Updating competition data is straightforward—you can either upload XLS files or integrate data automatically through APIs with other platforms.

On this page you can:

Here you will learn how to configure and get the most out of this module.

What are the "Competition Types"

The "Competition Types" page, allows you to create, edit and delete competition types.

Competitions can be individual or team competitions and can measure different KPIs.

You can also define whether the rankings are defined by ascending or descending values.

Creating a competition type:

How can I update the values of a competition?

1) Manual Updates: when editing a competition you can import a (.xlsx) file were you can define the users and their score.Please check the competitions template here: Download

2) Automatic updates: alternatively, you can contact us to set up integration with other systems used in your organization.

It's important to know that when you are creating a new competition you will be asked to select a competition type, therefore you should have a competition type already created.

How can i set rewards for the competition module?

Sure! To set rewards to the competition you will have to use our module "badges". Under the option milestones you will find a variety of options. For more information on "how badges work" we recommend reading our help page: Badges.

Can you give me some examples of types of competitions I can do?

Sure! Here goes:

Example 1: Customer Loyalty Competition

Example 2: Sales Competition

Read more:

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