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A good practice in the management in the evaluation processes is directly related to the continuity of the process throughout the year.

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On the GFoundry platform, you can set specific intervals, known as "touchpoint periods," for employees to review their objectives and individual development plans.

During these periods, employees can also complete a form that serves as a roadmap for discussions with their managers.

This structured approach allows for consistent and ongoing monitoring of employee performance.

On this page you can:

On this page, you can manage Touchpoints, which are periods set by our support team. To request a new Touchpoint period, please contact our support team.

Once a Touchpoint is created, you can go to the "Touchpoints" section in the back office to view the status of all open and closed Touchpoints.

For the user to access their Touchpoints, they have to navigate to the Evaluation page and from there to the Touchpoint page, here they will see the Touchpoint periods:

After choosing the cycles and selecting the Touchpoint they will see the page below. There to submit the Touchpoint they have to complete the steps displayed in the small circles, in this case ("Set Goals for the next period" and "Set IDPS for the next period").

It's important to note that usually when creating a Smart Goal, the user will have a minimum and a maximum number allowed. If this requirement isn't met, he won't be able to submit the Touchpoint.

The same happens when the users create their IDPs, but in this case, they can divide them into the three categories.

After the user completes the requirement, they will be able to submit the Touchpoint to the manager. The manager can then Aprove, edit or delete the submitted Goals and IDPs, set user's exit risk values and submit the touchpoint.

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