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What is this page about?

This module is designed to facilitate the sharing of ideas and feedback among your employees. It serves as an innovation hub, turning creative suggestions into viable business opportunities.


  • Engage Employees: Encourage collaboration on innovation challenges.

  • Idea Submission: Use a customizable form that allows for text, images, PDFs, or links as question formats.

  • Idea Selection: Efficiently identify ideas with the most potential for positive impact.

  • Manage Innovation: Seamlessly track and optimize the innovation process for quick results.

By using this module, you not only give your employees a voice but also streamline the process of idea management, from inception to implementation.

On this page you can:

In this page you can create your innovation challenges, forms, innovation cycles, manage and review ideas, manage voting processes and get some useful reports and dashboards.

The Dashboard page

On the Dashboard page, you can get an overview of the ideas given by the users, as seen below. You can also export a (.xlsx) file with reports by Innovation type.

How do i start building my idea management and innovation ecosystem?

1. Create an Innovation Type

Firstly, we need to navigate to "Innovation Types" in the backoffice and configure at least one Innovation Type.

Innovation types are different challenges or areas of innovation. Users can submit ideas into different innovation types. This option helps divide and manage the ideas more easily.

Creating a new Innovation type is very simple: just click "New Innovation Type" and proceed to fill out the form.

Don't forget that you can add a banner for each Innovation Type!

What is the Status field?

For each Innovation Type, in the Status field, you can set the type to active, inactive or archived.

  • When active, the idea type will be ready for use.

  • If it is inactive, you will not be able to enter a new idea until the status is changed to active again.

  • When the status is archived, the innovation type will be archived and will not be visible to the community.

2. Create an Innovation Type Form

At this point you will need to create a form for your type of innovation (or challenge).

There is no limit to the number of fields this form can have. The fields can be text, multiple choice, image, PDF, GPS location, among others.

Note: you can segment each Innovation Type for a specific group of users.

3. Create an Innovation Cycle

In the "Innovation Cycles" page, you can create cycles. Innovation Cycle is a limited timeline Cycle where you can associate multiple Innovations Types and several different Phases.

Each Innovation Cycle can have multiple Phases, and for each one you need to define an Open Date, a Close Date and the Jury.

When a Close Date it's reached, users are no longer able to add more ideas.

What about the frontend? What will my users see?

In the Frontend, the user will see a page like this (in this example a "Business Model" innovation challenge), and they will be able to insert their ideas:

After ideas are submitted, they become available for the whole community to vote, or even add comments with suggestions for improvement or feedback.

Can I reward users in this module?

Sure! You can use badges with this module. This way you can reward users with points and/or coins when:

1) They insert a new ideia

2) When the “ideia status” change

3) When the idea receive one or more "likes"

Points are used to calculate users rankings in the module leaderboard.

You can use the Badges features. Know more here.

I’m the admin. How can start reviewing all the ideas from my community?

To start reviewing ideas, we need to enter the backoffice, go to the Ideas module and navigate to the "Idea List" page. Here you can filter by the Idea Types, view all the idea details, and change the idea Status.

Changing the idea status is a simple way to give feedback to the user. By clicking "editing" under actions in each idea, you can change the current status from "Under Review" to "Approved" or "Closed". If approved, you can then set the status to "Success". This is a simple way for the users to follow their idea status flow.

In the editing page of the idea you can also have access to the files attachments and also the comments given by other users.

Can I create an advisory panel to vote on the best ideas?

Of course you can! You can give different consultants a specific innovation challenge to vote for the best idea.

Then, using the funnel voting system, the ideas will move on to the next phases until the winner(s) are reached.

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