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Information - Tutorials, FAQs and Push Notification

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What is this page about:

This page is dedicated to explaining two key features within the GFoundry platform: Help Wizards (Tutorials) and Notifications.

These features are designed to enhance the user experience and improve communication within the platform.

Help Wizards (Tutorials):

Help Wizards, also known as Tutorials, are invaluable tools for guiding users through HR processes on the GFoundry platform. They offer step-by-step instructions and guidance on using various tools and aligning goals with a clear purpose.

Benefits of Help Wizards:

  1. Time and Resource Savings: By providing detailed guidance, Help Wizards reduce the time and resources needed for employee training and support.

  2. Context-Sensitive Assistance: They offer context-specific help, particularly valuable for complex processes, and can be regularly updated to ensure users always have access to the most current information.

Push Notifications:

Notifications on the GFoundry platform serve as a critical communication tool. While they can be sent manually, the platform often automates their delivery.

Key Advantages of Push Notifications:

  1. Enhanced Communication Efficiency: Push notifications enable swift transmission of important information to employees, increasing overall efficiency and team productivity.

  2. Employee Engagement: Notifications can deliver alert messages and crucial updates, fostering better communication and coordination among teams while keeping employees motivated and engaged.

On this help page you will be able to:

You will be able to learn how to create new tutorials, FAQs, and send push notifications. Following the provided instructions will enable you to effectively utilize these features and enhance your internal communication efforts.

Creating a new Tutorial

To create a new tutorial, navigate to the Informations tab and select Tutorials. By clicking in "New tutorial" you will be able to select the Module and platform for your new tutorial.

After submitting you will be able to add Steps to your tutorial. Just press "New Step" and add an image, you can then move each step up or down to order at your liking.

Creating new Push Notifications

This page lets you send push notifications to users. You can select the Audience and even apply filters to target specific Audiences. You can also see the previous notifications sent.

Creating a new FAQs:

To create a new FAQs just click on "Add new FAQ", here you will have the option to add a question and the Answer.

What about the frontend? What will my users see?


When a user visit the home or a specific module for the first time the tutorial created for that module will be displayed as shown below:

The user can also review the tutorial by pressing the button in the Top menu:

How to create FAQs?

To create your FAQs go to the Information menu and them click on FAQs.

You can easily create a list of FAQs using the form below:

How can I send push notifications?

To create your FAQs go to the Information menu and them click on push notifications.

On the gfoundry platform, most user interactions and achievements trigger the automatic sending of push notifications.

Anyway, you can send personalised push notifications to everyone or to specific groups of people:

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