Smart Goals - Module Overview

Individual or Team Goals help monitoring performance.

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Goals allows organizations to set and track goals for individual learners, teams, and the organization as a whole.

The users can create their own goals or be assigned goals by their managers, and progress can be tracked through the platform. Goals are designed to help organizations align individual and team goals with overall business objectives, improve performance, and foster a culture of continuous learning and development.

On this page you can:

In the Goals Dashboard page you can have an overview of all the goals in the platform, how many were created, how many are in progress, the total of goals failed and completed and so on.

Under the page "Individual Goals" you can have access to all the individual goals, you can then filter by user and/or by current status.

Further more you can delete and edit the goals details by pressing the button under "actions".

In this page you can also import and export files containing goals. To update existing goals, use the "Export Goals File", update the file and then use "Import Goals".

If you are adding new goals to the import option we recommend using our template to avoid possible errors: Download here

In the page "Goals Settings" you will have the option to ser 3 settings.

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